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EccoLA: Active Travel That Respects the Earth and its Cultures

Eccola is Italian for "Here it is!" Our friend Steve Ferro, lover of all things Italian, suggested the name. We think the word appropriate because itís also a play on "eco" for ecological and "L.A." for Los Angeles.

You may think the two terms a contradiction. But thatís just the point. We think concern for the environment and environmentally friendly travel should not be limited to exotic places like the Galapagos or Costa Rica, but should be part of life and travel everywhere. Whether itís how we spend our weekends Ė or the way we travel to and from the supermarket, ecotravel begins at home. And with nearly one out of 15 Americans calling L.A. home, what better place to begin. With each journey by rail, pedal by bike and stroke of the kayak paddle, we can all make a difference.

That's why we began with our Mojave Desert trips in 1996.  They included cycling, two days of kayaking down the Colorado River in Black Canyon and a great rail trip through the Mojave.  Unfortunately, those trips ended in 1997 when Amtrak discontinued its Desert Wind.

Now EccoLA is very proud to have been selected as tour operator for Distant Lands: A Traveler's Bookstore and Outfitters, the largest such travel store in the Western Hemisphere.  The association is good for all of us.  For you the traveler, it means a greater diversity and frequency of unique EccoLA adventures.  We will be adding tours worldwide, but we'll expand prudently, scrupulously adhering to the highest standards.  We stand by our pledge to offer "affordable active travel that respects the earth and its cultures."

In nine short years, Distant Lands has earned done of the most reputable names in the travel industry.  Its loyal customers are travelers, not tourists, and their love of travel is paramount.   We're obviously proud of our association.

EccoLA offers affordable adventures we hope youíll want to experience often -- whether in our great American Southwest or overseas. Whether your home is Los Angeles or San Francisco, Santa Barbara or Sacramento, EccoLA promises great adventures to share with old and new friends alike.


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